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Mammoth Ivory hunting was now dominated by gangs and clans, which had to do with working conditions.

As mentioned earlier, the Siberian wilderness was too dangerous, and the more ivory one dug there, the riskier it would be without reliable help.

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For Li Du, $30,000 to $40,000 was not a lot, but for these laborers living at the bottom of the heap, such a sum was equal to a few years' living expenses for the family.

Killing someone and taking their mammoth tusks with hardly any risk of being caught was a tempting option for many.

According to their research, Jonas Malone joined four gangs: the Sea Dragon, the Big K, the Horn, and the Ice Tomahawk.

The gangs were so dominant in this field that many people would wash their hands of the business after getting a batch of mammoth ivory, and use the profit to start a small business in the city, rather than being chilled in the wilderness.

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