625 Men's Secret Hideout

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Joking as they ate, Hans suddenly asked, "Li, where's the Chinese farm-style dishes?"

Li Du pointed to a huge stuffed eggplant. "This is it, the other dish is in the pot over there."

Hans bounced with joy and opened the pressure cooker. Then, a scream could be heard from inside the cabin. "F*ck! Oh God, what's inside? A pig's head?"

"Yes," Li Du said triumphantly. "Meat from the pig's head is absolutely delicious."

Many people in America consider pork unhealthy because it's high in fat and low in protein. As for pig's head, they would rather go hungry than eat the pig's head.

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Hans returned with his tail between his legs; he was no longer keen on eating anything in the pot.

Luckily, there was the stuffed eggplant dish to comfort him. The Berkeley pork was fragrant and the organic eggplants grown by the Amish were sweet and delicious. Coupled with the batter, which included eggs and butter, it was a delicacy.

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