369 Meeting the “Expert”

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"Mr. Harris, you’re here." That was Rick’s voice.

Li Du and Hans glanced at each other. This was another enemy of theirs. It seemed like their trip to Holbrook would be filled with drama and trouble.

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Soon enough, they heard Harris’s chilly voice: "I’m here to know how the preparations are going."

Immediately came Lil’ Rick’s voice: "No need for that. Tomorrow, at the storage company, just wait and see how we’ll deal with that Chinaman. They’ll definitely be in for a fix!"

"Don’t be overly confident, young man," Harris sneered. "That Chinaman ain’t easy to deal with."

Lil’ Rick replied, "Of course, but this time he’ll lose miserably. You can just relax and enjoy the show. We’ll be the ones playing him this time."

Rick added, "Yes Mr. Harris. There’s no way he’ll know that the mahogany furniture in the storage units are all imitations!"

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