110 Mechanical Storage

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In the middle of May, two days after Godzilla joined them, an auction was held by a storage company in Phoenix. Li Du and the others rushed there to participate the auction.

Godzilla lived in Hannah's house. Hans asked Godzilla to sleep in his room while he cleaned up a small spare room (which was more like a hovel) and made it as his bedroom.

"How long have you been living here? Two days or two months? Look at all the stuff that I have done for you. You don't even bother to call me boss! "

"Thanks, Big Fox, " Godzilla, who was driving, answered briefly.

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"Big Fox, anything good in these units?" Li Du asked. He was lying on the back seat. Ah Meow was snuggling into his belly. They were chilling.

"There is a lot of good stuff, such as a 198-inch LED advertising display in one of the units. I bet we could sell it for 100,000 dollars."

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