765 Maui Dolphin Conservation Area

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The two speedboats traveled one behind the other. A bearded man was smoking in the co-pilot's position. He put his legs on the side of the boat and enjoyed the splash of water from the bow on his feet.

The driver, a beefy, middle-aged white woman, complained, "Where the h*ll is that Chinaman? Why haven't we found the signal after such a long search?"

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"Don't worry, he can't get out of King Island. I bet he's not far from us," the bearded man said lazily.

The speedboat in the back caught up, and a middle-aged man name Ralph, who was almost in the same age range as the bearded man, shouted, "Chris, is the signal detector still silent? We've been all around the island!"

"Don't worry, keep looking. Let's go outside. This is a civilian tracker, after all. It's useless when it is too far out of range."

The woman driving the boat asked, "Could it be that the Chinaman found the tracker? He may have thrown it away. What should we do then?"

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