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Brother Wolf stopped him. Li Du waved and said, "Don't hurry, Sean, first explain the origin of this jewelry."

Sean acted calm and said, "There's nothing to explain. I doubt this guy is really Cole Winston. Why should I believe you?"

Cole smiled when he heard this. "I can show you my license, but I expect that when you see it, you will question whether it's real or not."

Sean was clearly losing face. The situation had spun out of control. Who could expect things would turn out so?

Li Du did not press the matter. He knew the evidence was in his favor.

He switched off the call and said to Sean, "I won't make a scene, but these jewels were either stolen from Harry Winston group, or they are limitation infringing on our patent rights and intellectual property rights. Our group reserves the right to pursue this matter."

Sean was a bit flustered and said, "You can't scare me. There is nothing wrong with the jewelry I bought."

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