741 Map of Black Gold Abalone Habitat

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The small yacht was equipped with an outboard motor. The yacht sailed on the sea accompanied by the sound of its engine.

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Li Du laid prostrate on the balustrade of the bow of the yacht. The bow of the yacht cut through the seawater, and with the sea water splashing up, Li Du was wet in no time

Ah Meow, Ah Ow, and Crispy Noodles simply didn't like the environment and rushed into the cabin to escape the water splashing onto the boat.

To take the three on board, Li Du spent another 200 AUD, and if they urinated on the boat, he would have to pay the owner an extra 1,000 AUD to clean up the mess.

Seeing the boat go far out over the ocean, Li Du turned to the shore, wagged his fingers, and said to the owner, "Hey, Robinson, can you try to sail along the beach?"

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