480 Man’s Two Pieces of Treasure

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Once the box was opened they could see the cigars inside.

Humidors held cigars, which normally weren't a big deal, but these were exceptionally pretty. They were wrapped in golden paper and covered with small crystals!

Li Du had been shocked upon first seeing these. If they were ordinary cigars, he wouldn't have wasted the effort and money to get the unit. It was because the cigars were extraordinary that he had bid for it.

In America, cigars weren't a luxury good. Many ordinary citizens were able to enjoy them. They were usually made cheaply so the companies would make more money, to cater to the wide consumer base, and for the masses to enjoy.

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One box of plain cigars, even one carton of them, wouldn't be of much use.

However, these cigars were extraordinary. Just looking at their packaging their value was obvious.

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