196 Make an Example

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Li Du shook his head. "If apologizing works, what’s the use of legislation?"

Hans whistled and said, "Wow—when did Li become so arrogant? I like this sentence."

Bart’s eyes were darting around; he kept his body safe in the water and said, "Don’t carry it too far Li. There’s security here, and they’ll protect me."

"Of course, but if you want more people to look at you in your birthday suit, just go ahead. You can even call the Arizona Militia for help," Li Du suggested.

Bart tried to calm himself down. "I don’t care, I only want some clothes. Security can help me with that, I’ll just change here."

Hans retorted, "Oh, you don’t care? Okay, then I’ll send this video to all my fellow treasure hunters. I bet they’ll be really interested in passing this around for a good laugh. It might go viral for all you know."

Li Du added, "I have a bunch of pictures too—interesting pictures."

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Bart became infuriated again, but the next moment, he looked depressed.

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