405 Make An Example Part II

Translator: Nyoi-Bo Studio Editor: Nyoi-Bo Studio

September 12th was a historic day.

On September 12th, 1943, Nazi Germany launched a Gran Sasso raid aimed at rescuing Mussolini, which, unfortunately, succeeded.

On September 12th, 1948, the Battle of Liaohsi started, and the Chinese nation marked the beginning of the most powerful chapter for unification in modern history.

On September 12th, 1959, Luna 2 was the first man-made object to land on another celestial body; it landed successfully on the moon. This meant that the people on Earth had the ability to send things to another planet in the galaxy!

Hans was soaking his feet in the ditch as he recited all this information, showing off to Li Du and others.

"On September 12th, 1985, UNCTAD called for the cancellation of trade deficits of the underdeveloped countries, which was a great proposal. What’s most remarkable is that on September 12th of 1980, a child was born ..."

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