785 Major Case

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The city had a long history and featured many old but functional buildings. For instance, Hobart's police station was located in a dignified old building.

Li Du and the others got off the bus, and a group of journalists gathered outside the police station to take photos of them.

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Godzilla covered his face with his hands as he usually did, and Brother Wolf covered his head with his clothes.

At the sight of this, the reporter said, "Ladies and gentlemen, what we now see are the main culprits of the child kidnapping case."

The reporter's misunderstanding made Li Du, Hans, and the others angry. They hurriedly turned to the police officer accompanying them and asked, "How could this happen?"

The police officer stopped the reporter and explained, "You are wrong. They are not the suspects. They are the ones who discovered the crime."

Li Du looked back at Godzilla and Brother Wolf and said, "What are you two doing?"

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