605 Magic Hand

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They were early—it was eight o'clock. Dark clouds loomed in the overcast sky. The low air pressure, coupled with the unique weather in Las Vegas, made it very humid and uncomfortable even though it was already the end of October.

Once Li Du had gotten out of the car, people turned to look at him. There were at least two dozen people pointing at him, and about 50 people talking about him.

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His luck was pretty bad. There were some Californians in the parking lot, and he had been deemed the arch-enemy of the Californian treasure hunters.

The main reason was Frank and York being sent to prison. He had been deemed the main culprit behind this matter.

Of course, he was indeed the mastermind.

However, his intent was not to cause them to land in prison. That was their own doing after drunk-driving and attacking the police. The police officers in Arizona were very brutal, and so they charged them and threw them right into prison.

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