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Godzilla took out the box which was used to hold the gun.

Hans blew the dust off of it and said, "Sh*t, this box doesn’t match my precious gun at all—I need to get a nice box for it!"

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The treasure hunters’ eyes followed the M1887, watching with amazement until Hans shut the gun box; they had a disappointed look once it was closed.

One treasure hunter sighed. He wished such amazing luck like this could be his. "This can’t be a coincidence. Li, Big Fox, you both must have known about this gun and gone after the house."

The treasure hunters were not dumb. The duo always claimed they simply had good luck; while luck could have been a factor for a few auctions, it was as if they had good luck at every auction they attended.

Another treasure hunter asked, "How did you know about the gun? I’m sure it was not kept in the open—absolutely not!"

"Li, do you have X-ray eyes? I’ve heard from many that you have X-ray eyes!"

"I don’t believe this is luck!"

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