126 Luo Qun

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After displaying the HMG, Hans said proudly, "What did you just say? You used 1,500 to get what?"

Lil’ Rick gritted his teeth and said, "Move out, we’re leaving."

Godzilla pointed the muzzle at him again.

Lil’ Rick was apparently afraid. He dodged to the side in fright.

Reginald reminded him, "Don’t fret, buddy, that gun isn’t loaded."

Hans smirked and brought out a long strip of bullets. Godzilla lifted the catch and Hans put the bullets in, moving in a synchronized manner.

"F*ck you! Are you crazy?!" Lil’ Rick shouted in frustration.

"Continue your insults, and I’m gonna pull the trigger," Hans said with bad intentions.

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Lil’ Rick shut his mouth, his limbs trembling. It wasn’t clear whether this was caused by fear or anger.

With that, Reginald had no choice but to speak. "Big Fox, my good friend. How about you guys move your truck? We have to get past it."

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