1302 Lowering The Net

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The cargo ship was not a fishing boat. Hence, it was inconvenient to fish on the deck. The body of the ship was tall and when the fishing rod was thrown into the sea, one could not see anything. Any fishing was thus done blindly. 

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They were now in the Kara Sea. The area was located within the Arctic Circle, seventy degrees north of the Arctic Circle latitude. The polar night phenomenon could be observed in winter when the sun was abnormally low. The northern sea area was frozen almost all year round, and even in the southern coastal areas, the freeze-up period was nine months long. Even in summer, there would be many icebergs floating on the surface of the sea. 

Blizzards were common during winter there. In summer, there would be a lot of rain and fog. Li Du and his group chose a good day for setting off. The sun shone brightly and the weather was clear. Hence, they were able to spot the pirate ship and icebergs early. 

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