1278 Lost Town

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Li Du did not expect Steve to really catch the fat manul. It had seemed to him that the manul's escape was certain.

However, Steve would have a hard time trying to tame the manul. It was a real beast, one that had grown up in the wild.

Steve set him up on purpose, hiding the manul so that Li Du would think he had failed to catch it.

After kidding around with Li Du, he took the manul out.

Li Du held his nose and said, "I want to cook now. Can you take this away? God, did it roll in dog poop? Why does it smell so bad?"

Steve rolled his eyes and said, "Come on, the little one just fell into the swamp. Don't you know that? By the way, I gave it a name, can you guess it?"

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Li Du looked at the fat manul and asked, "Is it Ah Pang?"

Steve grinned. "Seriously, you could guess it. The name comes from your culture. It took me some time to come up with it."

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