1026 Local Police

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In the middle of the night, Li Du was roused from his sleep. The rain was beating against the window as if it was about to break the glass.

It was the first rain since the beginning of spring in South Africa, marking the start of the rainy season.

Li Du got up and looked outside. Thunder, lightning, and rainstorm all struck at once, and the weather was dismal. Fortunately, they did not live in a tent, which would have been doubtless washed away by the heavy rain.

He fell asleep again to the sound of the rain.

After some time, Ah Meow and Ah Ow started to cry. The voice was not loud enough, but it sounded upset, "Hem...Hem...Hem…"

Li Du rubbed his eyes, got up, and turned on the flashlight to see what was going on. He knew it must be something that made them unhappy if both of them cried so.

The cone of light illuminated the ground, and he saw the four little ones huddled together among the puddles, looking unhappily at their wet paws.

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