1190 Lively And Peaceful

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There were many people who wanted to be with Li Du. When there was someone leading, the people would gather around them.

They were all familiar faces. They had been at the motel restaurant party the previous day and had helped him, so he could not reject them.

Therefore, he thought for a moment and said, "I'd love to come with you to the auction, but this is not the time to discuss it. We should go and join the protest first."

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"So how about taking us to the Macy's auction after the New Year?" asked a local Phoenix treasure hunter.

Seeing everyone looking at him with hope, Li Du smiled and said, "Of course, no problem, we'll go together."

Macy's was a well-known department store chain owned by united department stores of the United States. Its flagship store was located in Herald quare, New York City. When it opened on 7th Avenue, it was once known as "the largest store in the world".

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