1219 Little Town, Ancient Alleys

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He could not live in the villa since it was a mess. Therefore, he decided to live in his old house, which was empty.

He ignored the housekeeping company's persuasions to give them another chance and left with a stony face.

Du Yun shouted enthusiastically after him, "Mr. Li, please forgive us. Have a safe journey back. Mr. Li, we will make sure your villa is cleaner than ever before..."

As they drove, Du Hang asked helplessly, "Brother Li, what should we do now?"

Li Du said, "We will take our time, don't worry. I'll go back and see my parents first."

As soon as he got home, his mother asked him anxiously, "What about our villa? Let them clean it up. How could they destroy such a nice house?"

Li Du said, "Dad, let's live here for a while. I will take care of the things in the villa."

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