352 Little Mushroom Girl

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The forest was surrounded by barbed wire to increase security and prevent wild animals from breaking into the community.

The residents living near here had this concern—almost every household had a dog.

While Li Du was thinking about how they could bypass the barbed wire to enter woods, a very fierce Husky ran over to them and aggressively barked at Crispy Noodles.

Sophie was a little scared, and waved her hand frantically at the dog. "Get back! We aren’t bad guys! Please go home! Stop barking!"

With its tail wagging and wide eyes, the dog rushed up to Sophie while she was waving her hand.

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Sophie was terrified! She thought the Husky was going to bite her. But it proved to be one of the least aggressive dog breeds. The Husky ran around Sophie and continue barking at Crispy Noodles, trying to protect her.

Sophie was touched, yet amused. Li Du also found it amusing, and thought this Husky was good at picking up girls.

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