622 Little Girl’s Present  

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As kidnapping was a penal case, Knight was only able to hold Daimler and the other seven for a short time. He asked if Li Du would like to come over to take revenge.

Li Du did not dare go over and punish them personally. Even though Knight had a very wealthy background, Li Du could not trust him. If he were to really go over and hurt his kidnappers, it would only require some simple manipulation to put him in jail with the eight of them.

Furthermore, he had already gotten back at them bad enough when he had fired a few shots—bang, bang, bang—at them before escaping. Among the eight unlucky youngsters, six of them had been shot.

This was also the reason why they were not able to take advantage of the night and flee from Las Vegas. With six of them injured by the shotgun fire, they went into hiding to treat the injuries.

Despite that, they were still found by Knight's men.

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