571 Little Capable Ones

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After the success with its attack, the wolf's attacking speed increased.

Tossing its head, it threw Ah Meow onto the ground and then ran up to him from behind. Then, it opened its mouth, about to bite him.

Ah Meow had landed on a pile of broken rocks upon hitting the ground. Li Du and the others felt their hearts ache for the pain he must have felt.

But he didn't care and got up after turning over twice. By this time, the wolf had already caught up, and had exposed its razor-sharp teeth. It was poised to kill!

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At this critical moment, Ah Meow jerked its back claws forcefully. Instead of directing them at the wolf, he used his claws to dig up the rocks from the pile.

The ocelot was strong and his paws acted like two spring hammers. They hit the broken rocks with a thud and a few immediately flew up.

The speed at which the rocks flew up was quick. As the wild wolf sped forward, the rocks hit his face with a bunch of whack sounds.

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