1221 Little Bug Misread Too

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Time reversed and Li Du was shocked.

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He thought that the time would only go back a few years at most. After all, that was a fake painting. It must have been only created recently.

However, the people that appeared before him were not dressed in modern clothing. The painter was a foreigner, dressed in Magua clothes and wearing a hat that was popular during the Ming and Qing dynasty epoch. A model dressed like the lady in the painting was seated before the painter.

The surroundings of the two people were totally different from those of modern days. The tables and chairs, screen, windows, and doors were all like those in the late Qing dynasty.

Li Du took a deep breath. He had made a mistake. No, it was the little bug that had made a mistake. The thing was really an antique and if someone had expended that amount of effort to fake it, it must be a worthy art piece.

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