800 Lightning Ridge

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After finishing his sentence, the person in the Toyota Land Cruiser Prado proudly drove off.

Li Du did not know whether to laugh or cry and said, "What's going on? Someone has already given us a warning even before we have passed through the town's entrance?"

Brother Wolf, who was ready to step on the accelerator asked, "Chase them? Teach them a lesson?"

Li Du waved his hand. "No, not necessary. Let's be on our way. Drive around the town first."

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Due to its long history of producing gemstones, Lightning Ridge was very well-developed and had a few infrastructures that were very famous in Australia.

Since the number of tourists who came to Lightning Ridge for vacation was also very high, Li Du could not figure out how the person in the Land Cruiser managed to tell that he was there to search for gemstones. There were many abandoned public mines in the town that tourists could enter to freely search for gemstones.

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