249 Life-changing Technologies

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The problem with the final unit was that the tools were not covered and most of them were exposed. Units like this would probably end up with a higher bidding price and a lower rate of return.

The auctioneer knew the value of the unit was high and started the bidding at 1,000 dollars.

Li Du placed a bid of 1,500 dollars and the bidding price soared to 3,000 dollars in just a few exchanges. He shook his head and did not place any more bids.

The unit was sold at a final price of 4,500 dollars, which Li Du felt would hardly earn any profit. Although the stuff in there could sell for at approximately 5,000 dollars, one still needed to factor in the manpower costs needed to clear the unit.

The auction ended, and it was time to clear the units.

As the weather was still very warm, Li Du hesitated for a while and said, "Let’s pack up the unit after the sun sets."

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