842 Li, the Wealthy Bachelor

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Seeing that Li Du was interested, Wang Zhongshi said, "If you are interested in going to South Africa, you can contact me. I can bring you around the Congo and Zambia."

Cao Fan added, "Brother Li, if you really are intending to head over to the Congo for a vacation, it would be best to contact Old Wang. He still has some power in the Congo."

Wang Zhongshi smiled. "Yeah, even though it doesn't compare to the power Er Gou has in San Francisco and throughout California, the power I have in the Congo is still substantial."

"The power that Er Gou's family has is not only limited to California. It extends to the entire west coast," someone commented.

Cao Fan waved his hand and said, "Ha, people will misunderstand and think that I'm currently some sort of gang member. The Cao family has long been law-abiding, and I am currently earning my income through a legitimate job."

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