328 Let Us Assure You

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Li Du had been interested in the truth of the jewelry box the moment he saw it because of the three colors of gems and black enamel paint decorating it.

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He had read a book which introduced him to jewelry culture. Although the story originated from China, the legend of emerald bird and emerald jewelry were all over Asia, especially Eastern Asia.

Looking at the beautiful red, blue, and green gems on the jewelry box, Li Du figured that if the box had been cheaply made with fake emerald, there would be no point in decorating it with real gems.

After all, they were in America. Emerald products were not equated to the legend of the emerald bird in America. If the box had been randomly decorated with gems, the probability of the craftsman choosing red, blue, and green gems would also be very low.

If the emerald jewelry box was from Eastern Asia, what was the point in making a detailed fake jewelry box to sell to America?

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