874 Let the Fight Begin

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Chris Bell was a nice guy. He was a treasure hunter from California and a member of California's $10,000,000 club.

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The Arizona state government's warehouse auction attracted a large number of senior treasure collectors. The state government, through the state warehousing auction association, issued invitations specifically to these people, inviting them to participate in the auction.

The state government tried to bring home the state's only $10,000,000 club member, but it turned out that George Anthony was too arrogant to come in person. He sent his son and one of his men instead. The state of Arizona had invited George Anthony, so they let his son attend the press conference when they discovered he was attending in his father's place.

Conrad Anthony, along with Li Du and Hans, were the only featured treasure collectors not in the $1,000,000 or $10,000,000 clubs. They were only $100,000 club members while the others were at least $1,000,000 club members.

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