144 Let Me Try

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The grinding of the tires on the road gave off a sharp, shrill noise.

Under the command of Hans, and with Godzilla as the core force, the crowd combined their strength. Even Ah Meow was putting in the effort, and they successfully pushed the Nissan to the side of the road.


"I can’t believe it, we did it!"

"Fellas, let’s keep it up and get rid of those two other vehicles!"

Everyone was high-fiving left and right, some specifically went to Li Du and struck palms with him. He had now earned respect from the crowd.

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But the challenging task was still to come. Japanese cars were thin and light, but the Cadillac was one of America’s muscle cars. The Cadillac was a heavy car, and the Chevrolet pickup was even heavier!

The good thing was that after the Nissan was pushed away, everyone felt motivated, so even more men came to help. Some even brought crowbars to lift the car up.

With the combined effort, the Cadillac and Chevrolet were eventually pushed away!

"We did it!"

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