217 Let Me Step On The Uneven Road

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On hearing Hans’s introduction, Li Du’s mind suddenly recalled where he had heard this man’s name.

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The first time Godzilla had been in Phoenix, they had been chatting in the Steampunk Hotel about this Frank Boll.

In addition, he also remembered that this guy had a formidable partner, but he had forgotten his name.

Carrying the Rottweiler, Frank’s expression grew more ferocious. "Are you all f*cking deaf? Who bullied my dog? Hey, Chinaman, was it you?"

Li Du was speechless, and thought of the saying, The fire on the city gate brings disaster to the fish in the moat. He was only an onlooker and had been dragged into the matter; these Americans were not at all friendly to Chinese businessmen.

Without him needing to speak, Hans explained on his behalf: "Buddy, this has nothing to do with us."

Rick felt that this was a chance to get closer to Hans and Li and so chipped in, "Frank, it has nothing to do with them."

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