128 Let Me Do It

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What arrived weren’t just people, but also props.

Li Du had been in America for some time, but he hadn’t attended many parties. As he didn’t have friends in school, he never had the chance to do this.

Thus, the activities played during parties in America were unfamiliar to him, including a Mud Monkey Competition.

But once the props came, he could more or less figure out what they would be doing during the competition.

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Someone had brought a large-sized inflatable pool, the kind that appeared commonly in TV dramas. It would be able to function as a pool in the backyard after being filled with water.

The ones that people normally used were smaller, but this one was huge, covering about 400 to 500 square feet.

After inflating the pool, the guys poured water into it. A truck drove over, and there was someone else shoveling dirt in. With some mixing, the pool had turned into a swamp.

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