299 Let’s Talk About Stakes

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The Native Americans were enlivened when they heard the word "bet."

But Harris was deeply wary about it as he knew too well about Li Du's superb gambling skills.

The last time they had met in the Comanche Casino, Li Du swept more than five million dollars away, having perfect control over the situation.

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Later, when Harris and Marlin had watched the surveillance video, they could not find any possible trace of Li Du cheating. What they saw was a young, confident Chinese man, who was enthusiastic and full of drive at the gambling table, sweeping millions away from the casino.

When they had finished watching the video, Marlin broke out in cold sweat. He had never met such a person. If he had not been involved and known the story behind it, he would have thought he was watching a movie.

The young man in the video was the exact image of the God of Gamblers!

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