928 Let’s Sign a Contract

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Cole is a good man. It could be seen from his attitude towards Li Du.

He never had any dismissive attitude because of Li Du's race, age, and identity.

Every time they got along, he did all the courtesy. He learned that Li Du and Calston had misunderstood each other and hurried to communicate.

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Even, on this matter, he gave Li Du reputation, and unilaterally communicated with Calston, so that he did not pursue this matter, preserving the friendship between the two sides.

But from the point of view of a big group leader like them, Cole's good temper is out of place.

For the leaders of such a large group, they must be a bit temperamental, have a point of view, and have authority which is not to be provoked.

Cole is so good-natured, Li Du has gradually seen that most shareholders don't take him seriously, they respect Calston more.

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