300 Let’s Play With Higher Stakes

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"The stakes are more than just winning or losing?" Mr. Martin frowned.

Harris replied indifferently, "That's too boring, let’s add more danger: say, the loser has to give the winner 10,000 dollars?"

Li Du smirked. This guy apparently looked down on him for using a crossbow and was certain that they would win. Of course, Harris was full of confidence in Hugo as well.

Hugo held the gun proudly and said, "If you’re afraid, you can quit. I don’t like to compete with cowards."

Li Du smiled. "No, I am not afraid. I just feel that the stakes are too small. How about 20,000 dollars?"

The group of old fellows gasped. Many of them had a monthly salary of around 2,000 to 3,000 dollars. Twenty-thousand dollars would mean a year of their income.

The crowd was also alarmed and gasped. A wager of 20,000 dollars was too massive for them.

Harris hesitated for a moment. He recalled the fear of how he had been dominated and played by Li Du at the casino.

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