769 Let’s Live Here

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As the sun went down on the western hills, there was a light in the settlement fields, and many open areas had bonfires burning.

Victor also lit a fire at his door, but instead of throwing wood on the ground to light it, he placed it in a fireplace that was cleverly designed to trap ashes and sparks while giving off heat.

At night, the island was uncomfortably cold and damp.

Li Du and the others rubbed their hands and surrounded the fire. Victor's wife came out and hung a large kettle of hot coffee. After a while, the sweet aroma of coffee permeated the area.

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"It's the sweetest smell I've ever smelled," Hannah said excitedly.

Victor, who was handling the bird, turned around and said, "You won't know what the best smell is until the stew is ready!"

Seeing how hard his work was, Li Du said to Brother Wolf, "Go and help him clean up."

Big Quinn was very hard-working. He got up and said, "I'll help, too."

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