1032 Let’s Do It

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The car had gone dead. That made Scotty flustered and angry. Some of his anger came

from the position of the chief.

He needed to vent his anger, and after he caught up with the crowd, he yelled fiercely, "I

will definitely be the one to find the python! The one who manages to catch the python

will be me!"

Buick looked at him with distaste. The rest of the people seemed to share his sentiment,

but nobody dared to provoke Scotty. 

That was the power of authority. Scotty was a local police officer backed by an

organization with massive authority. Buick and his tribe did not dare to provoke them. 

Li Du did not care and looked at Scotty, saying, "Right, it's all about you. You are the

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spirit of all things, the missing piece in history, you are a treasure left behind by

civilization. You are limited edition, you are an endangered species, you are the son of

God, you are light… you moron!" 

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