863 Let’s Buy an Island

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After a search, Li Du signaled Hans to leave. The little bug had reached its limit, and as he continued to explore, he found himself on the top of the reef, which was very dangerous. There were quite a few sea snakes around the reef.

Looking at the sea snakes, Li Du suddenly remembered the scene when he saw a group of snakes near the underground opal mine in Lightning Ridge. Maybe the local legend was true, and there was a relationship between snakes and black opal!

Li Du wondered about the connection between the two. If there were also a lot of snakes on the island, could that mean there was also a gem vein there, especially where the snakes congregated? Why did they gather there? Maybe there were gems in the area, too?

With a series of questions in mind, he got out of the water, took off his diving suit, and changed into dry clothes that Sophie had brought.

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"Did you see that? Is that black opal?" asked Hans.

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