298 Let’s Bet Again

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Li Du was not someone who liked to meddle in others’ affairs. But for this matter, he knew that he must intervene.

The moods between the two groups of people were agitated and they all had their guns lifted up. If anything were to trigger the quarrel further, the worst thing that could happen would be if both groups started firing at each other. The atmosphere was very tense.

Furthermore, Sophie’s father was among them. Li Du did not want anything to happen to him. From previous interactions, Mr. Martin seemed rather fond of him. If he were to court Sophie, he would be a great help.

The situation was critical. Li raised his hand and stepped in. "Hey, hey, hey everyone, stay cool, calm down!"

The Native American youth, Hugo, turned and shouted, "None of your business, just scram, otherwise—sh*t!"

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When Hugo saw that it was Li Du, he swallowed the remaining half of the sentence, and could only swear.

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