367 Let’s Be Allies

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The Ricks were not the only ones staying in the hotel beside Li Du and his team: Frank and York were staying there as well.

In a standard hotel room, York looked on helplessly at Frank. "Bro," he said, "why did we come all the way here? We should go back. LA is the land of wealth, not here."

Frank was playing with his pet dog. "Of course LA is the land of wealth, but our immediate priority now is not to make money, but to earn our status back."

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"What about our status?" asked York. "We are two of the best treasure hunters around. Okay, besides those monsters, we’re two of the best, no doubt about that."

Frank glared at him. "You didn’t notice the problem? What did we hear while we were in Phoenix?"

York laughed bitterly. "You believed those country bumpkins? We don’t need to bother with what they’ve said."

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