452 Leisure Activities on Water

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Unlike the artificial reservoirs that Li Du expected, Lake Powell was more of a tourist attraction with lots of cars parked in the parking lot, and there were buildings all around.

In fact, during the early days of the construction, the Bureau of Reclamation had already planned out a dual large-scale project with the reservoir also acting as a tourism spot.

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In 1972, while the reservoir was still under construction, the construction team began building a series of tourism-related buildings including water park resorts.

Li Du alighted, looked at the crowded beach and lake, and exclaimed, "No wonder the Navajo want to reclaim the rights to the land. This is a golden goose!"

Unlike the Hopi, the Navajo had developed a lot of scenic attractions in their reservation. The Navajo had a lot of contact with the outside world. If they could recover Lake Powell, the tourism industry would enable their tribesmen to make a lot more money.

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