778 Leatherback Sea Turtle Monitoring System

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Brother Wolf and a few others were on the shore brushing the oysters. As the oysters lived in the sea while clinging to the boat, there were some parasites and hermit crabs on their shells. Before the oysters could be eaten, the parasites and hermit crabs needed to be brushed off.

Since they were on the shore brushing the oysters, Li Du took the condiments out.

As the yacht already had condiments such as onion, ginger, and garlic, he took out special condiments such as cooking wine, steam fish sauce, chopped chili, and pickled chili.

Luckily, he had brought enough condiments. Otherwise, this meal would definitely not have been tasty.

With the condiments taken out and the oysters that were cleaned and brushed brought over by Godzilla, Li Du began cooking with all his might.

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The more people there were, the more mouths Li Du had to feed. Moreover, with a glutton like Godzilla, Li Du had to cook more food.

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