1084 Law

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Li Du had his Rolls-Royce back. However, what made his heart ache now was the skull

that some son of a b*tch had painted on his car!

Fortunately, he had arrived at the carpark soon enough. As Caddy Lent met with

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trouble, a few others were eyeing the car. When they reached the parking lot, there

were already a couple of youths hanging around his car, trying to pry open the lock.

Thankfully, Rolls-Royce Phantom had superior protection abilities, so the car lock was

not easy to break. The youths did not want to damage the car, so they had not broken in

through the windshield.

After they got out of their car, Brother Wolf sent the youths flying with a couple of kicks.

Looking at the skull painted on the car, Li Du felt pained. He stared at the group of

youths and asked, "Who did this?"

They all shook their heads.

Brother Wolf rubbed his fists and then reached out to crack someone's shoulder joint.

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