710 Last Day Of The Year In The Lunar Calendar

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Even though Li Du was very persistent, Tao Zhi Bo was even more persistent than him.

Tao Zhi Bo was being very stubborn right now. As his family had encountered too many problems in the last two years, he had become a little mentally ill from the pressure.

Li Du did not want to take the 100,000 dollars, which was insignificant to him. In the end, after an argument between the two, the plan was changed. Tao Zhi Bo would use the sum of money that he had obtained to build a greenhouse for planting crops and setting up a vegetable company, which Li Du would invest the 100,000 dollars in.

The 100,000 dollars was not a small amount at all. As Tao Zhi Bo still had to pay off his debt and leave a sum of money for emergencies in regards to his parent's health, he was only left with 500,000 to 600,000 to invest in setting up a vegetable company.

Li Du wondered, "Are you sure you want to grow vegetables? And set up a company for it as well?"

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