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After washing up, the four of them went downstairs to the Christmas tree in search of their presents.

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Mr. Martin picked the largest one and handed it to Li Du. Li Du said with surprise, "That's huge."

"Oh, this is for Ah Meow," the old man, who was up to no good, smiled.

Li Du opened the package and saw a big fish in it. It was a yellowfin tuna, which looked lifelike.

As soon as Ah Meow saw it, he took a huge leap and arched his head to look at the huge fish in Li Du's arms. He cried out excitedly, "Meow, meow!"

At that instant, Li Du understood the reason behind the old man's malicious smile. It was a pillow made to look like a tuna fish, which was used to fool cats. In fact, this pillow would generally not be able to fool cats because it didn't have any fishy smell. Many cats wouldn't have seen tuna, and would not know what this was.

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