767 Land of Idyllic Beauty

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After reading the ocean weather forecast and determining that the weather in the offshore area was relatively calm in the middle of April, Li Du prepared to leave the island for another area.

His harvest on King Island was almost complete. There was plenty of black gold abalone around, but after years of harvest, there was not much left that was of legal harvesting size or that was easily accessible by freediving.

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Most of the rest of the abalone was in relatively deep waters. He wouldn't dare harvest them by freediving.

Money was precious, but life was worth more!

King Island was located in the Bass Strait, with Melbourne and Victoria to the north, and Tasmania to the south.

The Bass Strait was very long, and there were many islands around King Island. These islands were often very small or were wildlife preserves, so they were uninhabited by humans.

Li Du speculated that there was definitely black gold abalone living in those waters.

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