1169 Land Of Blossom In Antarctica

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The food Elson prepared was more than Li Du had expected.

Most of Antarctica was covered in an ice sheet, and hardly any plants could grow here. There were limited varieties of plants, birds, and animals that could adapt to the local harsh climate. The human diet there was relatively simple, mainly depending on supplies brought in by scientific research ships.

Staples included eggs, dehydrated and frozen vegetables and other types of frozen food, meat, aquatic products, dumplings, pizza, canned goods, and all kinds of processed, cured, smoked and conveniently preserved food.

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Some of these were on the table, along with fresh meat, seafood, and vegetables.

In addition, there was a large bowl of green salad with fresh vegetables, a large plate of fresh shrimp paste, a small steak cooked until it was oily, fried fish slices, and sashimi.

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