1266 Lake Island

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The movement of the wild wolf was slower and slower, but its imposing manner was as fierce and threatening as before, and the look in the eyes was still full of aggression. It acted like it would give Ah Ow a fatal bite whenever it wanted to.

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However, it faced too many disadvantages when it encountered Ah Ow. At first, this was shown in the strength and physique, and gradually, the intelligence difference between the two sides was shown. The wild wolf was left in a situation where it could not defend itself anymore.

Ah Ow found out the wild wolf kept attacking her most vulnerable parts, so she kept making her neck and abdomen visible to her opponent on purpose.

This was bait, of course.

When the wild wolf tried to bite her neck, it would have to expose its own neck too. Ah Ow gave it a good scratch with her claws.

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