1293 Lady Who Brought Herself to the Door

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The dice cup was opened and the die read 'one'. Li Du had won again.

Long Hair's expression turned sour instantly and he slammed a punch onto the gambling table before shouting something in Russian.

A commotion broke out among the crowd that had calmed down minutes before. A youth was pushed forward, looking agitated and shouting in Russian. He tried to retreat as he yelled.

Godzilla rubbed his hands and asked solemnly, "Is he cursing me?"

Seeing the look on Godzilla's face, the youth became even more afraid.

Long Hair said to Li Du, "Change your guy!"

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Li Du smiled gently and nodded as he said, "No problem, I'm not a difficult person. Big Quinn, you do it."

Big Quinn, who looked like a hangman from a horror movie, walked over. There was not much of a difference between his physique and Godzilla's. However, he looked scarier. After the Russian youth saw Big Quinn, his legs turned weak.

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