322 Lady & the Shrew

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America's social class hierarchy was tough to climb. It was hence difficult to change one’s situation for the better. Big Quinn had tried hard and put in efforts to create a good environment for his children, but his job as a cleaner had made it impossible for him to achieve that.

When Li Du had extended his invitation to Big Quinn for the first time, he had gone home and talked to his wife Rosalind about this. Rosalind agreed to the possibility that he could work for Li so they could strive for a better future.

Therefore, when they met each other at the national park, where Li Du tried to recruit him a second time, his heart wavered; he agreed to work for Li not only because of the great offer, but also because he wanted a change.

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They chatted a lot while drinking their beers and Big Quinn got to know of Li Du’s deeds and achievements as a treasure hunter. Big Quinn began to look forward to his future.

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