184 Keep Going

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The cup was lifted, and the two dices were one and four, with a total smaller than seven. It was small.

The initial 10,000 dollars had turned into 20,000.

None the customers who were watching followed his bet, including the two girls. They were all purely observing; it was also obvious that these people were all in cahoots with the casino.

The dealer shook the dice once again, and looked toward Li Du after placing them down.

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Li Du returned his gaze with a slight smile, and then pushed all his chips forward. "Again, small!"

The dealer lifted the cup; two points and four points, he had won again.

Twenty thousand became forty thousand.

The customers who were watching started whispering amongst themselves:

"That guy’s luck is pretty good!"

"I feel like following his bet for a few rounds. I might make some money."

"His luck is good? He just lost a million!"

The boxman continued staring at Li Du with a smile. Two consecutive wins weren’t much—rather, it was good bait.

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